söndag, maj 30

Ibland känner jag bara för att skriva på engelska.

Today's the official love-your-mom-day. Or, as I like to call it, just-another-day-stupid-people-have-invented-to-force-us-to-buy-completely-unnecessary-things-for-people-we-love-anyways. Mom got a flower. And a big hug. And guess what? Hugs are free. They don't cost a thing - just like real love. I might draw her a nice card or something later though. 

Today is also our family's big cleaning day. Mom's turning the whole terrace upside-down and throws out everything that isn't less than 3 years old. Which is a lot. Dad's trying to clean up in the garage but most of the time he finds himself completely caught up with interest in old stuff he forgot he had. Oh, my dad, so easily distracted.

My chore is to clean up my room. It looks like something out of a real messy doodle I drew in eighth grade when I was angry with my parents. All you see is... stuff... and more stuff... and things and stuff and more things. I really need to reevaluate some of my old clothes. Do I really need five black tanks? When am I gonna have time to fix those torn jeans? Am I ever going to wear that insanely bright and shiny light blue dress? My room needs cleaning, it's as simple as that. The only problem is... I'd much rather sit out here in the sun and get pollen allergies than sit in my room and get dust allergies. Either way I'm gonna sneeze a lot, and I might as well get some tanning done while I'm doing it.

Think I'll save the cleaning for another rainy day.


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