torsdag, april 15

Ny låt på G!

I'm actually glad I told you how I felt, cause I wouldn't be able to live with anything else
The truth is now that I don't even miss you, no really, I'm happy we're through
All the drama, drama, drama I could never overcome, I just let it happen
I became a part of what would just be the start of something I would come to hate

The bitchiness I see in you is the reason I can't be with you
And the words you spread around will only make you end up on the ground
The thing is, when you spoke to me, I felt you were insulting me
But you were just provoking and you should've known that you
You don't mess with me

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Fotograf Annie sa...

Sv: Jo jag fick kommentaren men jag publicerade det inte. För jag publicerar inte bara svar då jag vill att alla kommentarer som syns under inlägget ska ha något att göra med inlägget ;)