tisdag, mars 16

Alltså, vem sätter sig seriöst och skriver såna här grejer till folk på internet???

Kommer ni ihåg killen som jag skrev om för några dagar sen, som hade kommenterat min video på YouTube? [LÄNK] Jag svarade typ "are you serious? you're so strange... do you actually believe you can get girls with that attitude? and you know what they say, guys with small penises have to compensate by talking big" ... och på detta svarade han:

"Strange is a good thing.. Considering whores like you only go for normal simple guys.. Do you think anyone would actually date your unstable ass? If they do.. You must have some good ass pussy.. If you think i'm small you have much to learn.. A picture tells everything.. Plus, Just because you all your "simple" babydick boyfriends are like that.. Doesn't mean a guy confident about his dick size can't be different.. Why not call girls like you bitches? Your nothing better then a cuss word.. Except maybe a fuck toy."

YouTube trolls kallas de.

Tack för mig!

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