tisdag, oktober 11


[EDIT 12 Nov 17:30: Nu är videon uppladdad.]

VARFÖR i hela friden vill inte Windows Movie Maker fungera för mig?! Det är inte ens något stort jag ska göra, jag har bara lagt in en videofil och tagit bort en bit på några sekunder i mitten. Inga effekter, endast EN textbit och sen ingenting mer! Varför ska den alltid alltid alltid hänga sig när jag ska spara filen! JÄVLA SKITPROGRAM! Blir ju sur, fan... Aja, här är resultatet... snart....

It's ten PM and I find myself having thought about you all day
Last week I dreamt of you and since then I can't make you go away
You occupied my head and now there's no escape
I don't think I will ever get rid of you

Your eyes are etched in my brain, your smile I can't forget
Your touch makes me sway and your voice gives me fever
But I'm sick and tired of all that you do
Yet somehow I can't stand being without you

Cause without you I'm on my own
And I'm rather with someone wrong than all alone
But I know it must end, gotta make up my mind and then
Let go of you, ooh, gotta let go

It's been a while since we last talked, I know we should
Take the time, but I'm scared now, what if it could
Screw everything up, like I knew it would
I simply can't risk what I know will never be good

Cause what we are is far apart
Far from liking each other, yet so close together
It's nothing special, we're not unique
But I still feel like something can make "us" happen

I finally started to see that I'm worth something more
Than what this is, it's contagious, I fall to the floor
I'm head over heels infatuated
But I need to stay strong

Get myself out of this mess I put myself into
It's my own fault, nobody elses, and I need to forget you
It will be hard, but I'm gonna get through
Gotta get rid of you
Gotta let you go, ooh, gotta let go

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