måndag, juni 27

Across the sea

Sooo... blogging from another part of the world. I have no idea why I woke up this early, I mean, we were out last night - at a bar called Fifty Five, in Camden - and I drank pretty much all the time from maybe 9pm til they closed at midnight... a minute didn't go by where I didn't have a drink in my hand. I shouldn't have been able to wake up before noon! And still, here I am, having been awake for about two hours, just lying in bed not knowing what to do. Sara is still asleep, I don't want to wake her. Every woman needs her beauty sleep. Which is why I look like a total mess right now, but I guess it's okay to look like this for the moment. I can always fix it til tonight, going out again. :) I love life over here, especially the cocktail bars. In Sweden there aren't many cocktail bars, not any that are this good any way. We've only got posh places or indie rock n roll music scenes. And a jazz club that I'm quite fond of, but no real cocktail bars! That's a thing I really miss about Stockholm. That, and Starbucks.

Anyways... I think I'm gonna stay here til thursday. The plan was to go home on wednesday to play boule with my work friends, but it feels like such a short amount of time to do all the things I want to do over here. Therefore; going home thursday night. :) Just so you know.

Bye for now, take care!

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