måndag, maj 3

Sprojlans ny låt

Jag är förkyld. Den här låten skrev jag idag.

Take a walk in my shoes, try singing my song
And you'll know what it's like to be left all alone
Not by choice, but by you not wanting me
I wonder if there's something left to be.

Is all this in vain, is this just the same mistake again?
Over and over, I just keep on falling
Back into your arms, but you never catch me
Why don't you see me?

This feeling's taking over, I'm obsessed with trying
To make you mine, but I know I'm dying
Inside, but I can't help it
I'll keep on going til you're left alone too
Cause if I could have anyone, I would have chosen you


Maybe I'm stuck in an impossible pursuit
Maybe my heart is just stuck on you
I try to open up to strangers once again
But your name is always echoing in my brain
Can't think, can't breathe, you're slowly choking me
I can't live without you, I can't breathe because of you
And you haven't got a clue

... Why don't you want me?

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