tisdag, juni 15

Nu är jag inne i en sådan där period då jag helst av allt bara vill vara någon annan. Jag vill träffa alla människor i mitt liv på nytt, vill uppleva allt igen (och förhoppningsvis förbättra vissa situationer) utan att behöva spola tillbaka tiden.

Does that make any sense?

... och jag undrar om jag är jättekonstig som räknar denna onsdag, 16/6, som någon slags "ettårsdag"...

I've written many 'last songs', have had so many goodbyes
Still you stick with me in my soul, my body and my mind
And I simply can't ignore it, you still catch my eye
Whenever I'm around you I just wish to be fine

But I'm not okay, this is killing me
To see you everywhere, and know that I can't speak
I can't talk, I can't move, can't do anything for you
Cause we had our one chance and that's the one I blew

I feel sick cause I simply can't breathe
I wish I knew what could've become of you and me

So much in common, so much to gain
Still I feel I lost it all when you walked away
I can never take back the things that I said
I can never rewind to the night we shared

If I just had one wish, I would take it all back
I would stop analyzing, stop being crazy and mad
Start realizing that you have feelings too
And even though you didn't say I think somewhere I knew

Cause every little sign told me about you
But I just didn't see, guess I didn't want to

I was comfortable in the way that I have always been
But I saw that it hurt someone within
What if I never, what if I could
What if I didn't, what if we should
I don't know anymore, don't know how to move on
All I know is this, I'd die if you're gone

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