måndag, mars 29


It's an impossible mess you left me to clear out on my own
It seems to have escaped your mind that it takes two to tango
For every day that walks past I can't help but remember
A time when every second seemed to last forever

Cause from the first day I saw you I knew right away
It would be hard to get to you and harder to get away
Still, something inside me told me to make a move
And look where I am now, I can't forget about you

Every time I saw you my world seemed to stop
Everyone else disappeared and you were on top
Nothing seemed to matter but an answer from you
A simple "hello" could start something new

A hope grew inside me of what we could be
I tried to get your attention, I wanted you to see
Just what I felt like, and know it was true
But it all went wrong when I thought that you knew

Now the last time I spoke to you in real life,
You drove me home and we said goodbye
I just didn't realize that it was for good
Maybe we'll never talk again, though we both know we should

I know that you're going, I know I will too
But you should know I can't forget you
The funny part is I knew from the first day
It would be hard to get to you, but harder to get away

3 kommentarer:

Kicki sa...

Hej och godmorgon på dig :)
Hur mår du idag?

Kicki sa...

Jag mår bara bra :)
ska snart till stan med en vän och hennes dotter och shoppa loss ^^

Kicki sa...

blev inte så mycket shopping.. är inte så mycket för att köpa saker :)